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    Communicate, Manage and Strategize Condo and Strata Community Living

    A complete online software available 24/7 to support you as you manage your community, collaborate with your board or strata council, and stay connected to your residents.

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Your Community, Accessible 24/7 by Property Managers and Residents From Anywhere

Simplifies management by bringing property managers, committee members and owners together under a single platform via our web and smartphone.


Streamline Your Management Tasks

Eliminate the chaos in your day-to-day management.


Property Management

Even if you have a property manager, managing a multi-unit community can feel overwhelming. Our software simplifies and streamlines with tools like document management, record keeping, meeting planners, amenities bookings and more.



With a click of a button, collaborate with your fellow strata council or board members, distribute documents and engage residents through our calendar, online resident communication platform and more!


Document Resources

Board members get to quickly & remotely approve any type of document, from payments to contractors, to proposals to anything else. As well, residents can store and manage important documents related to owning and maintaining a property.


Service Requests

These services complement or replace any pre-existing management services you use: community management and building maintenance consulting. Industry expertise personalized to your specific community!

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps, and We’re Always Here to Help

Our software is engineered to solve real day-to-day community living & management problems.


1. Sign Up

Sign up today, take the product for a whirl, watch demo videos and learn all about our software.


2. Invite Your Team

Invite your fellow council/board members to your demo account so they can try it out themselves.


3. Set Up the Community

Like what you see? Customize our software for your community, quickly and easily.


4. Invite Your Residents

Invite your residents in your community to start using My Condo Stratagy today.


Let's Get Started!

Safe and secure. Easy resident on-boarding. Everything in one place.

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